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In January 1962, the AGBU family and the Armenian community in Lebanon were adorned with a new educational beacon, thanks to the generous donation of the Nazarian family.
The will of the late philanthropist Levon G. Nazarian was executed through his wife and children, and the school building was constructed in the Sin El Fil area on the 4,500m² land owned by the AGBU.

In 1964, the School building was endowed with an additional floor based on the wish of the AGBU President Mr. Alex Manougian and the assistance of the AGBU local chapters and the Nazarian family.

AGBU Levon G. Nazarian Elementary School consists of classes from Kindergarten to Grade 6.
It adopts the Lebanese New Curricula monitored by the Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports. Armenian language and history are taught alongside the Lebanese Curricula, as well as French as a forth language.

Along the academic development, careful attention is given to the students’ physical, artistic and ethical development as they are considered equally important to develop well-rounded students.
The students participate in numerous extra-curricular activities and the School initiates several events, like talent shows and competitions, through which it nurtures the students’ blooming talents.
For the past 47 years, AGBU Levon G. Nazarian Elementary School has supported the mission of AGBU by striving to preserve and promote the Armenian identity and heritage, and many of its distinguished 1,403 graduates are witnesses of its striking success.

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