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Tarouhy Hagopian School --for girls-- was established in September 1939 by the generous donation of the Hagopian family and it was well-known in the diaspora for its high-quality education.
Initially Tarouhy Hagopian School was in Hazmieh, but it was relocated to Sin El Fil because of the Civil War.
Until year 2000, the school had graduated nearly 1,470 girls.

Hovagimian-Manougian School -for boys-- was established in 1947, thanks to the donation of Mrs. Meohreube Manougian as an accomplishment of her uncle, Mr. Sarkis Hovagimian's, wish to establish a secondary school.
Hovagimian-Manougian was the first Armenian school whose students joined the Lebanese Certificate and later, the Lebanese Baccalaureate exams, constantly scoring a high percentage of success.
At first, the School was located in Zokak-al-Blat, but during the Civil War, it was also relocated to Sin-el-Fil.
Until year 2000, the school had graduated 1,083 boys.

During the 1997-1998 scholastic year, decision was taken to merge Tarouhy-Hagopian and Hovagimian-Manougian Schools.
In 2000, by an official governmental decree, the two merged schools were officially renamed as "AGBU Tarouhy-Hovagimian Secondary School".

AGBU Tarouhy-Hovagimian Secondary School adopts the Lebanese New Curricula monitored by the Minister of National Education, Youth, and Sports.
Alongside the Lebanese New Curricula, Armenian language and history are taught, as well as French as a forth language. Special periods for music, sports, arts and activities are also provided to encourage and reinforce individual skills. The school consists of classes from grade 6 to grade 12, as well as technical sections (BT1, BT2).

AGBU Tarouhy-Hovagimian Secondary School is well-known in the Armenian Community for its high quality education, and the number of students who succeed in the Lebanese official exams sustains this good reputation.
The School seeks to provide the youth with lifelong skills that assist them in being successful in their field of work and everyday life. It gives high importance to the Armenian language and heritage to prepare a deeply rooted generation.

Many of the AGBU Tarouhy-Hovagimian Secondary School graduates have reached distinguished positions and have recorded worldwide successes rendering the School proud of its alumni that it had nurtured over the years.

By the end of 2008-2009 scholastic year, the total number of graduates of the AGBU Tarouhy-Hovagimian Secondary School had reached 2,957.

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